Workout park

Hradec Králové Forest has a new natural workout park

03.05.2018 Hradec Králové forests introduces a new possibilities for active relaxation at the beginning of the cycle and in-line seasons. Close to the...


The Hradec Králové Forest will expand this year with a new interactive trail and workout park

19.02.2018 New interactive trail of silhouette and mimic colouring, wooden workout playground, deer-field, as well as repair of the  gamekeeper's...


Presidential Election Results

31.01.2018 Miloš Zeman became again  the president of the Czech Republic for another five years. In the second round of this year's...


Presidential election 2018 in Hradec Králové

15.01.2018 In the first round of the presidential elections in Hradec Králové the turnout was 67.44%, almost the same as 5 years ago. Problems didn’t...




Walking Routes through the City of Hradec Králové

If you want to visit the most beautiful spots in Hradec Králové and get to know some of its history, just set out on one of the four walking...

Elbe river

The Cycle of Hradec Kralove enbankments

Come and look around the beautiful hand-crafted products for sale, taste regional food and see the creative workshops for children. You have a...


Hradec Králové - Calendarium Regina

The city of Hradec Králové chooses for Calendaria Regina prestigious and unique events, often of national or even international importance. It...

Teritorial plan

New territorial plan counts on public opinion

The new territorial plan of the city will be dealing with utilization of urban area, its development, location of buildings, system of traffic and...


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