Strategic city development plan

Though the tradition and quality of regional planning in Hradec Kralove is undoubtable, our society is changing, and at the same time, their needs and demands are also changing. On that account, after yearlong preparations and work from many specialists and the general public, an update of the Strategic City Development Plan of Hradec Kralove has been completed. Along with the regional plan and budget, I consider this document for a significant city like ours to be one of the most important.

The newly updated Strategic City Development Plan is based on a sustainable city development plan, for example balanced economical and social aspect development with high emphasis on the human environment area, based on research and discussion, it considers specific problems, which citizens, non-profit organizations, and business subjects encounter in the city.
Especially since the Czech Republic joined the European Union, I'm convinced that we must continue planning in Hradec Kralove the way it was commenced in the year 2002, not only during the Local Authority Elections or regional plan validity time horizon, but also in the horizon of years to come. The strategic plan is not only a vision of the city Hradec Kralove, but also an essential requirement for acquiring financial resources from the European Union for specific projects.

The document fulfils all technical requirements and is processed in accordance with the European Union methodology. With reception of the strategic plan, work is certainly not finished, on the contrary the first implementation phase follows, and subsequently preparation and implementation of single semi-finished projects and tasks in succession to the city budget in partial action plans, which will help with its accomplishment. I can assure you that this material isn't unchangeable nor dogmatic, and that we will be coming back to it in specific time periods and we will update it.

City Board of Representatives approved the Strategic city development plan of Hradec Kralove by the year 2020 in August 2006.

pdf Strategic plan 2004 EN.pdf, (93.96 kB)

Listed below you can see the main structure of the  strategic plan:




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