A public competition will decide about the further development of Hradec Králové

The city Hradec Králové has made public an international urban competition concerning the idea proposal of the new master plan.

The master plan of the city Hradec Králové is a basic concept document of the city area development supervision. The valid master plan, that was approved by the City Assembly in Master planJanuary 2000 was created and approved according to an already cancelled Construction Act Nr. 50/1976 Coll. According to the current Construction Act Nr. 183/2006 Coll. the master plans created in accordance with the previous Construction Act are only valid only till the end of the year 2015. That is why the City Assembly has decided to create a new master plan and simultaneously has approved the procedure of assigning a new master plan in the form of a public idea international one - round competition of the proposal. The proposal competition that is the most transparent type of a public contract assignment is used especially in the area of urban planning and architecture, in case that it is necessary to find the most appropriate and best solution of the task fulfilling the requirements of the submitter stated in the conditions of the competition. An announced urban competition about the proposal enables to compare different opinions of the competitors concerning the direction of the area city development to find and acknowledge the most appropriate solution and finally to assign the contract of creation of a new master plan to the author of the winning proposal in an administrative procedure without publishing. The submitted competition proposals will be evaluated by a qualified jury including independent specialists – urban planners and representatives of the city in June 2010. The City Assembly will decide about the final sequence of the competition proposals. After the end of the competition the competition proposals including the professional evaluation of the jury will be exposed for the public.



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