Partner city from: 7. 4. 1961

Number of inhabitants: approximately 90 thousands

Distance from Hradec Králové: approximately 1133 km


Alessandria is the administrative centre of the province Alessandria in the Piemont region in northern Italy. It lies at the confluence of two rivers Bormida and Tanaro, southeast of Torino and it was founded as early as in the year 1168. It was called Alessandria in honor of the pope Alexander III. in the 12th century. In Alessandria live more or less 90 000 inhabitants. Alessandria is one of the oldest twin-cities of Hradec Králové the partnership agreement was signed in 1991.

Alessandria, same as Hradec Králové, used to be an important fortress thanks to its strategic location. It still has a strategic location as important rails that join significant towns in northern Italy, go through Alessandria. Many historical landmarks that remind the period of the fortress have been preserved in Alessandria. The most important is the Cittadela, world known fortress in the shape of a hexagram. The centre of all events is the main square Piazza de la Liberttá with an original town hall decorated with a clock with three dials. Another interesting sight is the oldest church in Alessandria, Santa María del Castello. It represents a blend of several architectonical styles, from Romanian to Renaissance. The Piemont region is also famous due to the production of chocolate and other kinds of sweets. At several fairs and festivals that are held during the course of the whole year the visitors can taste chocolate specialties, admire statues made of chocolate or enjoy a chocolate bath.

The cooperation with Hradec Králové is focused especially on the area of education and culture. The department of Political Science at the Philosophical Faculty of the University Hradec Králové cooperates with the Faculty of Political Science in Alessandria and there are also basic and high schools that cooperate with the same types of schools in Alessandria. In the past children from Alessandria visited Hradec Králové for example at the occasion of the gathering of children from all twin cities or at the occasion of the V. international games of youth.



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