Argentine ambassador in Hradec Králové

Argentine ambassador in Hradec Králové The diplomatic visits in Hradec Králové were initiated this year by the visit of the argentine ambassador Vicente Espeche Gil.

It was an initial courtesy call that will be according to the words of the ambassador followed by another visits in the future. Among other things he plans to visit the factory PETROF in Hradec Králové, as the first piano he had was a PETROF piano. He emphasized, that even if Argentina and the Czech Republic are very far war away from each other there are also some links. In this context he really appreciated the existence of the specialization Political Science  Latin American Studies at the University Hradec Králové, because it is an evidence that the Czech people are interested in Latin America and it certainly helps the further approximation between Argentina and the Hradec Králové region.



Call: +420 495 707 111