Banská Bystrica

Partner city from: 1950, renovation 11. 3. 1996

Number of inhabitants: approximately 84 thousands

Distance from Hradec Králové: approximately 380 km


Banská Bystrica, centre of Horehorenska fold in central Slovakia, is among the longtime twin cities of Hradec Králové. The beginnings of the partner cooperation date back to the year 1962 and they have not lost their intensity until present. At present the city is the centre of the region with the same name and there live about 84 000 inhabitants.

Banská Bystrica is called “A pearl of the central Slovakia” thanks to its cultural richness. Banská Bystrica received the town privileges from Bela IV. in 1255. Among them was also a right to mine gold, silver and other metals. After all, the history of the town has always been joined with mining. The town slowly became one of the most important sources of these raw materials in then Europe. In the course of the World War II. Banská Bystrica came to be a centre of the anti-fascist rebellion and the centre of the Slovak National Uprising. National Uprising memorial with a rich collection of documents, photos, weapons and other exhibits serves as a commemoration of this event. The foundation of the University of Matej Bel in 1992 made Banská Bystrica one of the university education centers in Slovakia. Students from Hradec Králové can also study at the University of Matej Bel within the student exchange program Socrates Erasmus.

Regular contacts between Hradec Králové and Banská Bystrica take place especially in the area of culture, sports and tourism. In the past also a meeting of representatives of the two cities was carried out with the goal of discussing the problems of state administration and local government same as a meeting of the heads of departments of the two municipalities. The representatives of Hradec Králové regularly visit Banská Bystrica at the occasion of Radvanský fair and the representatives of Banská Bystrica accompanied by groups of artists annually participate in the regional harvest festival.



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