Both the city and region disapprove the incinerator

On common meeting held in February, the City Council and Regional Council of Hradec Králové Region said clear no to the incinerator. They reaffirmed their attitudes from the previous electoral terms.

„Currently no specific project has been worked up. Nevertheless, representatives of both councils expressed their decision of refusal for financing either identification study or making any steps leading to initiation of any project that could appear in this field,“added Zdeněk Fink, Mayor. Neither the city nor the region wil respond to any offers of financing from european funds, which could significantly support the building.

The issue of waste management has been resolved both for the city and the region. According to law, the city has contract with Marius Pedersen a. s. Subject to the contract, the company is obliged to provide waste management pursuant to law.

The project of incinerator in Opatovice had annoyed the city of Hradec Králové and the conglomeration about 5 years ago. One year ago there was a discussion about the issue of incinerator in Rybitví, which was opposed by the city on the most raging public hearing of envirnmental impact assessment in history held on winter stadium in Pardubice.



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