City Board haven´t reached agreement yet

At the beginning of the interrupted constitutive meeting of City Board, Zdeněk Fink (Hradecký demokratický klub) was proposed for a position of mayor. He has been the member of the City Board for 12 years and member of the City Council for 8 years. As he pointed out in his introductory speach, he would like to look for consensual points in political programmes of the other political parties and units.

In closed 2-round ballot only 16 valid votes out of 35 were delivered by members of City Board which means mayor hasn´t been elected this once. Neither the election of deputy mayors nor City Council took place. No other proposals of candidate for mayor were made by the City Board and the constitutive meeting has been adjourned till the 28th of December. It will take place again in Adalbertinum hall at 4 p. m.

Afterwards, the third regular meeting took place.  The City Board approved for example: the age limit for the 50% discount of waste management charge will remain 70 years, instead of proposed 80 years. It means that people over 70 will pay 250 CZK per year as they did last year.

Further, the City Board discussed the city budget of 2011 and budget plan for the term of 2012 – 2015. For the next year the City Board proposed surplus budget. Against the proposal, the City Board approved the reduction of financing media strategy. On the other hand, they increased financing of social affairs, criminality prevention and grants for after-school activities of children and youth.



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