Easter in the Museum

Easter in t he Museum Within the exhibition of „Golden Spinning Wheel“ the Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové will be holding an exhibition called „Easter in the Museum“ showing traditional homecrafts on Sunday 16 April 2011 from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m.

Producers who got the award of Golden Spinning Wheel for preserving handcraft tradition from the Council of Hradec Králové Region will be performing decoration of easter eggs, spinning, weaving and bobbin lace work, making straw figures and wooden things, glass painting.Visitors are welcome to try all these handcrafts themselves.

Visitors can also look through all running exhibitions including „Ludvík Domečka – Příběh prvorepublikového muzejníka“ (Ludvík Domečka – the story of first-republic museologist) and „Predátoři ptačí říše – Dravci a sovy“ (Birds of pray and owls). Friendly atmosphere of the exhibition will be accompanied by performance of the folklore ensemble Červánek.



Call: +420 495 707 111