Easy transport to Rock for people

Rock for people 28 thousand fans from whole Europe came to hear high quality series of 117 rock bands. About 130 staff took care about their security and roads experienced high number of police controls. That’s approximately in few words one of the biggest Rock music festivals in Europe.

Considering the expected increased appearance of walkers from the city station to the airport zone and back the organiser ordered and paid in advance shuttle buses. Passengers on this special line didn’t have to pay any fare and all expenses were covered by organizers.  Special line stopped at 6 stations and each of it was visited in accordance with special time table 117 times during this five days.  “Regarding that this cooperation last for several years the negotiations are short and pragmatic and both sides know what they have to ensure” said Leo Sedláček from Hradec Králové Public Transport Company.  The Hradec Králové Public Transport Company is prepared to provide the transport to similar events on the airport, for this year particularly to HIP HOP CAMP and CIAF.



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