Partner city from: 26. 5. 1990

Number of inhabitants: approximately 74 thousands

Distance from Hradec Králové: approximately 668 km


The University City Giessen is an ancient town situated in Middle Hessen near to Frankfurt upon Main at an important crossroad to Koblenz and Cologne upon Rhine. The foundation - stone of the future city was laid in 12th century when the count Wilhelm von Gleiberg had the castle Giessen build to protect a couple of villages in the surroundings. Giessen was first mentioned as a town in 1248. There live almost 74 000 inhabitants in Giessen. The number of inhabitants is increased by the students of the second oldest university in Hessen Justus Leibzig Universität that was founded in 1607. Since at this university study as many as 25 000 students, Giessen is the town with the major density of students in whole Germany. In the 19th century the world known scientist and the 1st Nobel Prize winner for physics, Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, worked at this university. Science has after all a long tradition in Giessen. The first and the only mathematician museum is situated in Giessen same as the Liebig Museum, that was named after a significant German chemist Justus Liebig. The university also bores his name.

Same as Hradec Králové Giessen used to be a military fortress in the past. During the World War II. the major part of the historical part of the town was damaged by the British Air - force. The image of the town is nowadays created by the architecture of the 1950´s. Among the most significant sights are especially some refurbished frame houses for example the tavern “By Lion”, where even Goethe once stayed overnight and many times had lunch or dinner. Nowadays is Giessen thanks to its suitable central location and a very good infrastructure a favorite place for making congresses and sessions at national and international level. The present Giessen joins the charm of the traditional atmosphere of an ancient town and a modern city character and without doubt is one of the most important cities of Hessen.

The most intensive cooperation between Hradec Králové and Giessen takes place traditionally in the areas of culture, sports and education.



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