Hradec Králové Forest has a new natural workout park

Workout park [3. May 2018]  Hradec Králové forests introduces a new possibilities for active relaxation at the beginning of the cycle and in-line seasons. Close to the Stříbrný rybník at the U Pytláka crossroad, a new natural workout park which can be used from now by visitors of all generations has been created.

The adaption of area for the new playground began in the first half of April. "The bodybuilders themselves were installed last week, a combination of acacia wood and stainless steel, materials that are undiscerning for maintenance," said Milan Zerzán, director of city forests in Hradec Králové. Forest visitors can stretch or strengthen the whole body on new workout park using natural folding tables, beams, circles or jump blocks. The individual components will be completed by information boards with recommendations which exercises are appropriate for them and how to do them properly.

During May a new interactive silhouette and mimic trail which will lead from the Zděná bouda to the knights' fortification is planned to be opened. "There will be animal models and educational boards with birds will be on the trail, which will be ready by May this year," added Zerzán.



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