Hradec Králové has a unique cinema in Central Europe

News The cinema Central in Hradec Králové is the only cinema not only in the Czech Republic but also in Central Europe that uses two unique technologies at the same time 4K projector CINEALTA by the company SONY and 3D system by the company RealD. The audience can thus see the films in the highest image resolution and also in three dimensions. “The project of the digitalization of the Central cinema in the image quality 4K and new dimension 3D has been implemented thanks to a significant financial support of the city Hradec Králové,” said the director of the cinema Leos Kucera.

At the occasion of baptism of the new 3D system of the cinema a festive projection of the movie Avatar was held. Avatar is a 3D movie created using the most up to date filmmaking procedures intended especially for projections in high image resolution that is possible only in digital cinemas. The film was showed at a special silver scrolling projecting screen that is drawn down in front of the classic projecting screen before every 3D projection. It was made especially for the Central cinema. The cinema Central with one hall has thus two projecting screens  - one classic and one for the 3D movies.

The audience got not only experiences of the movie but also special 3D glasses whose price 30 crowns was included in the price of the ticket. If the cinemagoer brings the glasses next time when he comes to see another 3D movie, he will pay 30 crowns less for the ticket. The glasses are thus the property of the cinemagoer.  Those who are interested can become members of the DDD (3D) for free. Every member of the club gets a DDD club card and can leave one´s 3D glasses in the cinema in the 3D dipper. One can be sure that the 3D glasses will be kept in the cinema and never will be used by someone else.

“The cinema Central is a unique cinema highly evaluated internationally. It holds the title “European cinema of the year 2008 that was awarded to the cinema Central in the category the best projection for a young cinemagoer. “The technology 4K and at the same time 3D ensures that we have a top cinema in Hradec Králové, that can compete with the multiplex cinema. The cinema Central is really the most modern cinema in Central Europe. The audience can appreciate the highest quality sound and picture, that cannot be seen in the cinemas hundreds kilometers around Hradec Králové. I think that it is a big success,” said the Deputy Mayor Martin Soukup.

He added that big acknowledgment that everything has been accomplished belongs not only to the cinema Central but also to the employees of the department of culture, sports and tourism of the Municipality Hradec Králové headed by Ales Mokren, who coordinated everything with the director of the cinema Leos Kucera. At the imaginative peak, when everything is done, I consider as very important to highlight the team, that started everything years ago – at that time the head of the department of culture and care of historical monuments was Alexandr Gregar, who also significantly helped to modernize the cinema,“ said Martin Soukup.



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