Hradec Králové has the second best web pages in the region

Zlatý erb Hradec Králové has competed with 25 cities and municipalities in the 12th year of the prestigious competition called „Zlatý erb“ (Golden Heraldry) for the best web pages  in the Hradec Králové region. Its web pages that were officially launched in February got the excellent second place after the winning Nachod.

The jury judged especially the obligatory information, the elaboration of the official board, good manipulation, artistic elaboration and also barrier free access. Especially in this area a big approach has been done. The users that have some sight problems or other handicaps should easily get the information they are looking for. Every day the web pages of Hradec Králové are visited by 2 000 users and they are thus the most important communication channels of the Municipality Hradec Králové. The web pages are not only used to find information but also to make an electronic reservations of meetings, download application forms or follow up the advance of fulfilling one´s  request. As can be seen from the statistics the most visited pages are the vehicles and driving license registers, job offers and pages of the Hradec journal. You can best see the offer of the web pages of Hradec Králové by yourselves.



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