Hradec Králové published another part of the unique thermomap

Thermomaps Since the 1 st of July 2011 inhabitants of the Prague Suburb and neighbouring parts of Hradec Králové can find out whether and where the heat escapes from the roof of their buildings.

Another part of the unique thermomap has been published on and The map was designed primarily to serve early prevention of heat pipeline breakdowns and interception of heat escapes.

“Since the first maps were published, dozens citizens´ inquiries concerning thermal physic of buildings have been resolved and owners of some buildings were helped to identify heat escapes. Citizens get this service as an added value of the project developed essentially for identification of breakdowns and diagnostic of general state of heat pipelines,” explains Jiří Seidler, director of  Tepelné hospodářství Hradec Králové (THHK), pointing out the other contribution of THHK to Hradec Králové citizens.

„Over 5000 people saw the previous thermomap. The map enjoys great interest of experts as well as Hradec Králové citizens. Pictures of the second part have even better quality then the previous photography, some details are more recognizable,” describes Petr Juránek, deputy director for investments of Tepelné hospodářství.

THHK uses the data obtained from infrared photography mostly for updating the long-term reconstruction and repair plan, for detection of buried checking shafts, for specification of non-located pipeline routes and for diagnostic of general state of heat pipelines. Project preparation takes several months including the selection of available location.

Hradec Králové as an example of good practice for other cities

Tepelné hospodářství in Hradec Králové initiated the method of streamlining heat and water supply not only in the Czech Republic, but also in other European cities.”Polish city Lodz follows the example of Hradec Králové and carries out the similar project,” said Petr Juránek, deputy director.

The project is unique due to its particularity, preciseness, overland spread and interest area. Processing of heat maps takes several months, which is the reason why the infrared photography has been published on the websites as late as these days.

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