Hradec Králové starts cooperation with cities from Brazil and Peru

Topics [17. December 2009]  The City Council of Hradec Králové approved proposals to initiate official cooperation with two cities in Latin America.

Hradec Králové will cooperate with Ayacucho in Peru and Diadema in Brazil. The proposal to initiate an official cooperation with Ayacucho came from the University Hradec Králové. As a unique program Politology Latin American Studies is being taught at the Faculty of Arts, the university signed agreements with several Latin American universities, among others with the university in Ayacucho in southern Peru. The First Private Language Grammar School established contacts with a school from the Brazilian city Diadema and came with a proposal to widen the cooperation to the cities as well. Many people consider Chernigov from Ukraine to be our twin city. However the partnership agreement between Hradec Králové and Chernigov has never been signed. This should change in the future as cooperation between both cities has been intensified recently.



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