Hradec Králové welcomed the new bishop

New Bishop The new diocesan bishop Jan Vokál, who took up his office in Holy Spirit Cathedral on the 14th of May 2011, was welcomed by hundreds of parishioners, clergy and public representatives.

Jan Vokál is the thirty-fifth Hradec Králové bishop since the foundation of diocese in 1664. As he could not become priest during normalisation process in Czechoslovakia, he left for Vatikan in 1983. He was ordained by the pope Jan Pavel II. Jan Vokál replaced Dominik Duka, who became Prague archbishop in April last year. After Duka´s vacation Hradec diocese have been waiting for the new bishop nearly a year. Apart from spiritual activities, bishop Vokál wants to apply himself to working with bishops and visit all 265 parishes as soon as possible.  His hobbies, involving mountaineering, skiing or diving, may have to compromise with his demanding assignment for a time.



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