Hradec tops the ranking of life quality in Czech cities

Hradec Kralove Hradec Králové ranks constantly among the cities with the highest quality of life in the Czech Republic. In these days it was reconfirmed by the latest study of Mastercard Czech Centers of Development. This year the project was conducted under the auspices of Václav Fisher, former Prime-Minister, by experts of the University of Economics, Prague. It has been for the first time that a Czech city surpassed Prague in quality of life. Citizens of Hradec Králové can be very proud.

For example, compared with Prague, in Hradec Králové prices of flats are lower as well as crime rate, air is cleaner, and green areas are more accessible and well-kept. Life expectancy of Hradec Králové men is longer.

“Being both Hradec Králové citizen as well as representative of the city, I am certainly very pleased by results of the study. The fact it has been produced by experts from the University of Economics, Prague confirms its reliability and objectivity. The study proves that our work for people has brought results,” reacted Otakar Divíšek, Mayor.

The study measured eleven indicators divided into three categories monitoring economic, social and environmental situation in 50 Czech cities. “We concentrated on the fact how responsibly the cities handle budget and property and we also monitored the best development projects carried out in terminating electoral term. We believe that the results of the study will be helpful not only for evaluating current situation in cities before oncoming local elections but they can be efficient for making future plans and strategies,” explained Rector of the University of Economics, Prague, prof. Richard Hindls.

“I would be very glad if Hradec Králové didn´t lose or rather strengthened its position among Czech cities. We are obviously pleased by results of comparative studies, however, our aim is healthy city in economic, social and ecological sense, with satisfied citizens,” said Pavla Finfrlová, who represented the city on the ceremony in Prague on the 15th of September.



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