Partner city from: 1. 12. 2001

Number of inhabitants: over 120 thousands

Distance from Hradec Králové: approximately 820 km


Metz is situated in Lorraine in northeast France, close to the French - German borders in neighborhood of other significant European metropolis French Nancy, German Saarbrücken and Luxembourg. The number of inhabitants exceeds 120 000 and the partnership agreement was signed in 2001.

The location of Metz predestinates the city to blending of cultures. The governors and regimes changed very often, which also brought indelible footprints in the atmosphere and architecture of the city. The dominant feature of the city is with no doubt the gothic cathedral of St. Etienne built in the 13th -16th century. It is the 3rd tallest cathedral in France thanks to its 42 meters tall nave and also the stained glass windows that date back to the 13th to 20th centuries are among the world unique. As a legend says the original chapel that used to be at the place of the present cathedral miraculously survived the Hun invasion into the city in 451. Metz is also since the 3rd century the seat of bishops. One of the links that joins Metz with Czech lands was the declaration of the Golden Sicilian Bulla of Charles IV. in 1356 that was made in Metz. It among other things confirmed the independent and supreme position of the Czech king and the Czech state.

Among the most important institutions in Metz is the oldest still functional French theatre from the 18th century built at the Comedy square. Worth mentioning is without doubt the Paul Verlaine University that was founded in the 1970´s and named after the native of Metz, one of the most famous symbolist poets. The students form Hradec Králové can also study at the Paul Verlaine University within the student exchange program Socrates-Erasmus. The cooperation between Hradec Králové and Metz takes place except the area of education that is not limited only to the cooperation of universities, in the area of culture as well. The representatives of Hradec Králové participate regularly in the traditional festivities of Mirabelle that are held to celebrate mirabelle as a symbol of Lorraine´s culinary art.



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