Money from the European funds and grants

European funds [8. February 2010]  Hradec Králové uses actively all the opportunities, that are offered by the European Union through various endowment programs.

The European Union programs (EU structural funds) for the period 2007 – 2013give Hradec Králové the opportunity to successfully apply for financial grants to implement its projects.
Two Integrated Plans of the City Development play a very important role in eventual drawing of the grant money. They are focused on two areas. The first is the Regional Operational Program called NUTS II Northeast, where the city Hradec Králové according to the fixed contract can use more than 500 million crowns. The second are the so called Thematic operational programs. They are programs of the Ministry of Environment intended for the preservation of the landscape (planting of greenery), energy saving (public buildings heat cladding) and programs of the Ministry for Local Development, through which the city aims  to solve the revitalization of public area and regeneration of the houses at the Edvard Benes avenue.  The program called European Territorial Cooperation, that focuses primarily on the development of the regions and especially the pupils of basic schools are familiar with this program (cross - border cooperation Czech Republic – Poland). The city is of course interested in using other endowment program including for example the cooperation with the State Fund of Traffic Infrastructure (building of cycle tracks) and eventual use of endowment subsidies (ČEZ foundation – school sports fields).




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