Monument of mayor Ulrich has been erected

Statue of mayor Ulrich On Monday, 8th of November, monument of JUDr. František Ulrich, former mayor of Hradec Králové, was dedicated on Freedom Square in Hradec Králové. Professor Stanislav Hanzík, the author of the monument, is a renowned academic sculptor and member of Mánes Visual Artist Association.

„Having installed the monument, the city has payed its debt to its most significant mayor after many years. Besides the city representatives, also the author, who had been working on the monument for approximately one year, took part in the dedication ceremony,“ said Martin Soukup, present Deputy Mayor.

Mayor´s statue is made from Prachatice diorite. „This stone has a specific quality – it is the heaviest stone available in the country. I used one of the last blocks of this stone which has been extracted  in the Czech Republic,“ said Stanislav Hanzík.

Why did he propose the location of the monument right on Freedom Square? „There exist more reasons , however, one of them is the fact that, people can see from this place how sensitively, since the demolition of Prague gate, the panorama of the city has been treated and therefore not destroyed at all. I am convinced that the significance of Ulrich´s act will be most evident right on this place,“ said Stanislav Hanzík.

We should add that academic sculptor Stanislav Hanzík is the author of the sculpture of lions in front of Carolinum, lying horse in Lázně Teplice, the bust of Bedřich Smetana in Klicpera´s Theatre, he is also the author of the monument of Jaroslav Seifert in Kralupy and Ivan Hlinka in Litvínov, his stone Pilgrim stands on the top of hill Gothard in Hořice, he also created one station of the Calvary in Kuks.



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