Municipality at holiday time: normal opening hours

Municipality of Hradec Kralove While most people have been enjoying the first days of their holiday and some private companies are going to close down for several days, opening hours of the Municipality of Hradec Králové are not going to change at holiday time. Hradec Králové citizens can come to arrange their things at the municipality departments at regular time.

Every summer the municipality is being helpful to those who cannot arrange their things at another time, or simply have not managed to arrange all necessary things sooner. “The whole summer the municipality works in normal opening hours, we don´t plan any limitation,” said Markéta Pešková, Chief Executive of the Municipality of Hradec Králové.

There are more people coming to the traffic department, specifically to drivers and vehicles department. “Today, during the first half of an hour about fifty people came to pick-up the ticket from the booking system,“ says Petr Černohlávek, head of drivers and vehicles department. People can view the current sequence of the issued booking tickets on the city website, so called “queues” (“fronty”). Thanks to the internet application citizens can watch the current sequence of clients waiting in front of them from their homes, works or via mobile phones. Afterwards, they can come straight to the seat of municipality without waiting long and they will be attended.

It is possible to watch the sequence of queuing clients in the traffic department, as well as in the department of administration procedures where travel documents are issued. Especially this service have been used in these days, there are many waiting clients on the corridors. The great majority of clients hand out the application for travel documents. The latest news in effect from the 1st of July is, that it is not possible to register children to their parent´s passports.

The other departments provided their operation as possible, so that they could administer all applications handed by citizens. Employees of the municipality appeal on those who are going to hand out an application to use the internet booking system and to arrange their things in time. In urgent case they should cancel the time they have booked in favour of other applicants.

(You can find the internet application “queue” (“fronta”) on the website: .)



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