New city management elected seventy-three days after Czech local elections

New Mayor New city management has been elected at the continuing constitutive meeting of the City Board held on the 28th of December 2010. It is presided by Zdeněk Fink, a physician and experienced local politician (HDK).

Despite Christmas holidays all members of the City Board met in crowded large hall of Adalbertinum. Parties represented in the City Board nominated 2 candidates for mayor. HDK nominated Zdeněk Fink and ČSSD nominated Hana Orgoníková.

„I am ready for honest and responsible work and I will welcome cooperation with anyone whose work respects the pledge of representative of the City Board,“  said Zdeněk Fink in his speach.

„Citizens declared that they want change. The change is ČSSD and new people. The change is my candidature for mayor proposed by ČSSD,“ pointed out Hana Orgoníková.

Zdeněk Fink was elected by 20 votes, Hana Orgoníková gained 16 votes which was not sufficient for her being elected mayor.  Since ČSSD will not be the part of government coalition, Vlastimil Ondráček, present Deputy Mayor, resigned in the course of the meeting. His office lasted 37 days. Therefore the newly elected mayor took over presiding of the meeting.

Nominated for deputy mayors were Josef Krofta (VPM), Leoš Kučera (DvH), Martin Soukup (ODS) and Jindřich Vedlich (TOP 09). All of them were elected by the City Board whereas Martin Soukup and Jindřich Vedlich  became statutory representatives.

The City Council was also elected in ballot. In this electoral term it comprises of: Zdeněk Fink (HDK), Lenka Jaklová (TOP 09), Leoš Kučera (DvH), Josef Krofta (VPM), Jan Michálek (ODS), Richard Nádvorník (TOP 09), Martin Soukup (ODS), Vladimír Springer (HDK), Vladimíra Šilhánková (VPM), Naďa Štěrbová (ODS) and Jindřich Vedlich (TOP 09).



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