Presidential Election Results

logopruhlednyweb.jpg [31. January 2018]  Miloš Zeman became again  the president of the Czech Republic for another five years. In the second round of this year's presidential election, he received 51.36 percent of the votes in whole Czech Republic. In Hradec Králové the voter turnout was 71.33 per cent, with 52,865 voters in the polls. The r e-elected president in the East Bohemian metropolis gained 45.29 percent of votes (23,885), for his opponent, Jiří Drahoš, voted 54.70 percent of voters (28,846).

Results of the President's election:

Candidate 2nd round Czech Republic 2nd round Hradec Králové
Votes % Votes %
Zeman Miloš Ing. 2 853 390 51,36 23 885 45,29
Drahoš Jiří prof. Ing. DrSc., dr. h. c. 2 701 206 48,63 28 846 54,70

If you are interested in the results in the individual districts of Hradec Králové, you can find them here.



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