Public Inquiry: The archbishop Otcenasek has celebrated his 90th birthday

Karel OtčenášekWe have asked four personalities what do they wish to the archbishop Karel Otcenasek at the occasion of his 90th birthday.

Leoš Heger, doctor:

Leoš Heger

“To keep his energy and joy of life that he has always had  much longer. I have the honor to know him for quite a long time. He is an exceptional personality. He has had a lot of energy, vitality and courage. It was wonderful that he became bishop at the age of 30, moreover secretly ordained. Now he is a wise old man, in the past he was a young dandy. I wish to him that he keeps his health and energy as long as possible.“

Dominik Duka, Prague archbishop and Czech primate:

Dominik Duka

“What can one wish to a honoree who reached 90 years? I wish to him comfortable days, health and also an awareness that he is not alone, that we are thinking of him. I am now in Prague but we are still in touch. We sometimes call each other. I wish to him that his religious life be in future days, months and years a real support for him.“

Martin Soukup, Deputy Mayor:

Martin Soukup

“The archbishop Otcenasek, who had on 13th April his 90th birthday, is one of the most significant personalities not only in the region Hradec Kralove, but in the whole Czech Republic. I wish to him health, a lot of energy and clear mind.“

Cyril Svoboda, politician:

Cyril Svoboda

“I wish to him a lot of energy at the occasion of his significant anniversary. His work has already been done and now he can gather its good results. He has gone through many things. He did not get involved with the Bolsevists and so he was sent to jail. He should be a memento even today, as bad things happen in the society as well. There are some negative phenomena, that we have to face.“



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