Representatives of Berwyn visited Hradec Králové

Berwyn in Mayor's office Official negotiations about the partnership between Hradec Králové and the city Berwyn (Illinois) have been initiated.

The representatives of the city of Berwyn have visited Hradec Králové for the second time. This time the delegation was led by the Mayor of Berwyn, Mr. Robert Lovero and came to Hradec Králové to deal with its Mayor Otakar Divisek about the partnership between both cities. At the meeting with the Mayor Divísek the guests handed over the materials from their city including a flash disc with contacts of important companies and cultural and educational institutions in Berwyn. The first step in the cooperation between the two cities will be handing over of the contacts to companies and institutions that could be interested in cooperation. As there lives a numerous Czech community in Berwyn, especially cooperation in the areas of culture or education would be possible, but also in the area of economy. Economic cooperation could be interesting because there is an assistance centre for business support in Berwyn and the city is only a few kilometers far from Chicago.



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