Seniors needn´t worry computers

Seniors got certificate Over two hundred seniors got certificate prooving they have  passed out the course of Internet for seniors. In 2010 lectures were held in eleven schools in Hradec Králové.

The course is devided into beginner and advanced levels  according to the knowledge of learners. Seniors are trained by pupils of elementary schools supervised by IT teachers.  The course is a kind of intergenerational dialogue, which is proven by great interest of seniors.

„I am enthusiastic about my young trainer,“ says Naděžda Prokopová, one of course leavers. „You wouldn´t believe how patiently and tollerantly can a young boy explain secret of computers. Both children and teachers deserve great thanks.“

Participants of the course, often over eighty years old, learn not only how to work with computer and write e-mails, but also how to search information on internet. The advanced can communicate with their distant friends or relatives through e-mail or chat, and eventually use modern technologies.

The city has prepared the next series of the project of Internet for seniors for spring and it will be announced according to strict enrollment instructions in Radnice bulletin and on the city website.

Keynote of the project of Internet for seniors – is to learn older generation how to use information and communication technologies and bring young generation closer to older generation. Project partners are the City of Hradec Králové, eleven basic schools (Mandysova, Jiráskovo nám., Nový HK,  Sever, Bezručova, Úprkova, Kukleny, Plotiště, Štefánikova, J.Gočára, Svobodné Dvory) and naturally seniors, pupils and last but not least teachers.

Final celebration took place on the 7th of January 2011 in Jiráskovo náměstí Basic School, where 241 seniors and 188 pupils – their trainers – got certificates.

In total 2065 seniors have been trained since the beginning of the project.



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