The archbishop Karel Otčenášek died

Karel Otčenášek The archbishop, emeritus bishop and honorary citizen of Hradec Králové Karel Otčenášek died on the 23th of March 2011 in Hradec Králové episcopal residence.

Karel Otčenášek was born on the 13th of April 1920 in České Meziříčí and he was secretly ordained bishop on the 30th April 1950. Due to his clerical activity he spent 13 years in prison being condemned for “treason and espionage for Vatican” by communist regime in 1954. After 1989 he was allowed to hold his office in public and on the 21st of December he was reinstalled in the post of Hradec Králové bishop by the Pope Jan Pavel II. He held his office till the 6th of June 1998 being succeeded by Dominik Duka. On the 24th of September 1998 the Pope Jan Pavel II bestowed the personal title of archbishop on him. Last farewell takes place on Friday the 3th of June at 10 o´clock a. m. in the Holy Spirit Cathedral.



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