The Hradec Králové Forest will expand this year with a new interactive trail and workout park

Forest [19. February 2018]  New interactive trail of silhouette and mimic colouring, wooden workout playground, deer-field, as well as repair of the  gamekeeper's house on Černá hora. These are the plans of the Hradec Králové Municipal Forests for the following months. The public can look forward to further expanding of the facilities for active recreation in city forests.

Completely new interactive silhouette and mimic colouring trail that will lead from the Zděná bouda to the knight's fortification should introduce the function of the forest to the public. "Animal models and educational boards with birds will be on the trail. It should be ready by May this year"said Milan Zerzán, director of Hradec Králové City Forests. The visitors of the forest will also find their sports facility. Not far from Stříbrný rybník, namely near the U Pytláka refreshment a unique wooden workout park will be created.

The Hradec Králové City Forests also want to start repairing the gamekeeper's house on Černá stráň, which is also called "U Dvou šraňků". "The renovation of the Hájovna is one of the largest investment projects this year. Construction work should start in the summer this year, and the final shape of the lodge should be as close as possible to that of the 1930s" said the City Forest director.

On the longer term, foresters are preparing new fields for red deer at Hodesovice. So that on an area of more than 10 hectares visitors of the Hradec Králové City Forests will be able to see red deer. "It's a vision up to three years. You can’t meet the red deer here in the woods, but for its nobility we want to have it in our woods" added Zerzan.



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