The statutory representative of Hradec Králové has been elected

City Board During the ongoing constitutive meeting, the City Board have not succeeded  to elect the mayor yet.  The only candidate  nominated by the Communist Party, Lubomír Štepán,  gained only 10 votes.

During the elections of deputy mayors, the only candidate, Vlastimil Ondráček, nominated by ČSSD, succeeded with 19 votes. Then the City Board took a vote on long-term release of Vlastimil Ondráček for the position of deputy mayor  and they approved him unanimously to be statutory deputy mayor. At this moment, all current deputy mayors finished their offices, however, the current City Council have remained in office. Then the constitutive meeting of the City Board has been interrupted till the 30th November 2010, when it will start at 1 p. m. in Adalbertinum. On this date the regular meeting of the City Board has been scheduled therefore the election of city management should be completed on this occasion.



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