The swimming pool and the aquacentre will be shut down during part of the summer

swimming pool The swimming pool in Hradec Kralove will closed from 3rd of July to 1st of August due to a planned shut- down, the aquacentre will be closed from 30th of August to 17th September due to the same reason. Last year the opening of the swimming pool already in August  was appreciated by the public  as around 10 000 people visited the swimming pool in August. Despite that this year the outdoor swimming pool Flosna will be opened, the swimming pool will sure attract some people.

During the summer shut – down of the 50 – meter long swimming pool it is necessary to do the planned reparations and servicing of equipment, that cannot be accomplished under operation. For example reparation of plaster and painting of the public spaces, further controls and reparations of the steel pipelines, water management valves, revision and reparation of air conditioning units for the swimming pool hall and clock roams, control and filling of the contents of sand filters, washing of northern glass wall, washing of the pool tank and other works will be done, said Jaroslava Bernhardová, who is responsible for managing the company Administration of realties Hradec Králové.

Jaroslava Bernardová added that also in the Aquacentre a lot of work will be done during the shut- down. It is planned to do the revision and reparations of the roller coaster, control of the machinery of the waves, reparation of the turnstiles, reparation of the paving of the paddling pool near sauna, reparation of the paving and jointing in the whole area of the aquacentre and

Bernardová emphasized that last year people could during the shut- down of the swimming pool and aquacentre go swimming to nearby ponds, to the outdoor swimming pool to Trebechovice, to Lodin, Pardubice or other places, this year they will have the opportunity to visit the outdoor swimming pool Flosna in Hradec Kralove, that will be opened since 21st of May.

We suppose, that people from the nearby towns and villages will come to visit the outdoor swimming pool and we especially wish that it become a favourite place of the inhabitants of Hradec Kralove. The prices are favourable, moreover a system of discounts has been introduced, and thus I believe, that the visitors of the outdoor swimming pool Flosna will be satisfied, added the deputy mayor Martin Soukup.



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