The Swimming Pool Flošna has been awarded the prize of „Building of the Year 2010“

Flosna Hradec Králové can be proud of another prestigeous award. The new swimming pool Flošna has been awarded the prize of „Building of the Year 2010“ on the 30th September.

In recent years it is another opportunity the city got the recognition in this competition (lately the prize was awarded to the building of Czech Scientific Library, Regiocenter New Brewery, or blocks of flasts in Střezina). 57 buildings have registered in this 18th year of the competition. 15 of them advanced to the finals and 5 of them were awarded the prize of „Building of the Year 2010“ by jury in Malostranská Beseda  in Prague . According to the experts, the swimming pool was awarded the prize for „creating a multifunctional leisure-time area with coherent functional structure and taking the landscape into account“. Another significant recognition for the city is the building of motorway R 35 Hradec Králové (Sedlice) – Opatovice, which has been awarded the „Prize of the Czech Fund of Transport Infrastructure“.

On ceremony the City of Hradec Králové was represented by Josef Malíř, Deputy Mayor, who said: „I think that the jury acknowledged mainly  the multifunctional purpose of the area, the fact that it doesn´t serve only for  water  entertainment and sport , but there are also some extra leisure-time activities.  We are convinced that the jury was interested by its architecture which is not regarded standard for this kind of commercial area“. On ceremony the jury several times acknowledged the fact that the area lies on walking distance from the centre and it is sensitively located into the landscape where it gives the impression to had been there ever before.



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