Partner city from: 6. 11. 1991

Number of inhabitants: over 130 thousands

Distance from Hradec Králové: approximately 103 km

Web: www.um.walbrzych.pl

Walbrzych is the administrative center of Lower Silesia district in the South-East Poland and also the second largest city in the region.  The first written reference of the city dates back to 1305 in the document of Liber fundationis Episcopatus Wratislaviensis. A far back as in the 14th century production of silver and lead started the mining history of the town. Spa springs found  in the area caused the town became a health resort which activities expanded in the 17th century. At that time the city ranked among the major European textile producers with many department stores specialized purely on the sales of textile goods. In 1818 the first mechanical spinning-factory was opened there as the first one on the European continent. In the 19th century the coal-mining  expanded. Modern steam-engine technologies and railway transport were used for production of coal and Walbrzych mines developed into big industrial companies. However, recently the former industrial center with minig history has rather been considered tourist center thanks to its natural beauties.

Cooperation with Hradec Králové has always been very active from the beginning. Major projects were hold in the field of environmental protection, sports tournaments or tradefair of business opportunities, publishing of tourist guide From Walbrzych to Hradec Králové. Further, partnership contracts of educational projects within INTERREG III were signed.

Mutual projects:

Hradec Králové – Walbrzych, cultural cities

Project focused on cultural integration of both cities and their inhabitants



Meet your neighbour

Participants: pupils of basic schools Hradec Králové and Walbrzych

Knowledge don´t respect borders

Participants: pupils of basic schools Hradec Králové and Walbrzych



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