Walbrzych, Hradec Králové – cities of culture

Project with Walbrzych Hradec Králové and its twin city Walbrzych has initiated cooperation to implement a project co- financed by the European Union. The negotiations with the aim to create a common project of both cities focused on cultural integration of both cities and its inhabitants. This intention resulted from the previous successful cooperation of both cities within similar projects (creation of a tourist guide Walbrzych, Hradec Králové and a project from the area of education.

The common project whose leading partner is Walbrzych has been applied for within the Operational program  cross – border cooperation Czech Republic – Poland , priority axis 3 Support of the Cooperation of Local Communities, the support area 3.2 Support of Social, Cultural and Leisure Time Activities. The deadline to apply for this project was 31st October 2008. The project has been approved in March 2009 by the monitoring committee that was in charge to decide about the project. Total costs of the project will be 260. 545 euro (6 million crowns). The expected costs of the  Hradec Králové part will be 2. 200 000 crowns. The grants from the EU fund and the state budget makes 90% of the eligible costs of the project. The participation of the statutory city Hradec Králové amounts to 220 000 crowns of eligible costs and eventual non-eligible costs. The total costs of the project are supposed to be drawn in the years 2009 – 2010.

The statutory city Hradec Králové will cooperate through its department of culture, sports and tourism with its polish partner on the implementation of the 5 main activities, on which  the project is built.

The points of the project:

1.Publication of the cultural – informative handbook „Walbrzych, Hradec Králové cultural fascination

will follow the already finished Czech – Polish guide Walbrzych, Hradec Králové

languages Czech – Polish, English – German

2. Cultural weekends of the partner cities

presentation of the Czech and Polish culture for the inhabitants of both partner cities within the two weekends in Hradec Králové (May 2010) and Walbrzych (September 2010)

the crucial points of the cultural program will be concerts, Czech and Polish films´ projection, a thematic exhibition and a picnic to revive the scarcely used public spaces

3. Photographic workshops “Poland and Czech Republic through object – lens”

4 photographic open air workshops (2 weekends in each city)

15 participants from each city

the result of the workshops will be photos with copy right for further use, organization of an itinerant exhibition, printing of postcards, creation of a catalogue of photos

4. Creation of a cultural path in Walbrzych (analogy of walking tours that already exist in Hradec Králové) printing of cultural maps of the cities, information material about cultural institutions

5. Final conference in Walbrzych

October 2010 – presentation of the finished, proceeding and future activities


The project schedule – Hradec Králové part


June technical initiation of the project photographic workshops (I. part - Hradec Králové 2nd - 3rd October 2009)
October photographic workshops (I. part Walbrzych 16th – 18th October 2010)
December creation and print of a folder and DVD about culture



the partner cities´ weekend in Hradec Králové

photographic workshops (II. part Walbrzych)

June photographic workshops (II. part Hradec Králové)

printing of the catalogue of the photographic workshop

the partner cities´ weekend in Walbrzych


exhibition of the works made in the photographic workshops

final conference in Walbrzych

For further information please contact the managers of the project:

Martina Erbsová, martina.erbsova@mmhk_cz, +420 495 707 294

Bc. Martina Saláková Šafková, martina.salakova@mmhk_cz, +420 495 707 291



Call: +420 495 707 111