Partner city from: 16. 6. 2003

Number of inhabitants: approximately 637 thousands

Distance from Hradec Králové: approximately 176 km

Web: www.wroclaw.pl

Wroclaw, the capital of Lower Silesia region, is one of the oldest and most significant polish cities. The first mention of the city dates back to the 10th century and is related to the foundation of the episcopacy in Wroclaw. The city probably bore the name of a Czech count Vratislav I., as it was a part of the Czech state during his reign. In the 13th century the city was severely damaged by the invasions of Mongols. After the reconstruction, many German colonists settled down in Wroclaw. Their presence influenced greatly the atmosphere and appearance of the city. In 1335 Wroclaw together with almost the whole Silesian region was incorporated into the Czech kingdom and was its part till the year 1740. At that time it was the 2nd largest city of Czech countries after Prague. At the end of World War II. a big change of inhabitants took place. The displaced Germans were replaced by the immigrants from eastern Poland. That is one of the reasons why Wroclaw nowadays has such a cosmopolitan character.

There live around 637 000 inhabitants in present Wroclaw and is thus the biggest twin city of Hradec Králové and the 4th biggest polish city. It is a seat of 10 universities with more than 130 000 students. The city lies on more than 12 islands on the river Odra, that are joined through 30 bridges. The best known are the islands Ostrow Tumski and Wyspa Piasek that are on the list of the UNESCO monuments. At the Ostrow Tumski there is a group of religious buildings with a beautiful cathedral of John the Baptist that has the most stained glass windows in the whole Poland and the country´s biggest organ. The Leopold University has its seat in the largest baroque building in Wroclaw. A significant Czech scientist J.E, Purkyně worked at this university in 19th century.

The partnership agreement between Hradec Králové and Wroclaw was signed in 2003. The cooperation takes place especially in the areas of culture, sports and education. As far as education is concerned especially cooperation between the University Hradec Králové and its partner universities in Wroclaw must be mentioned. Recently several meetings were held with the goal to discuss faster building of the highway D 11 in direction Wroclaw.



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