Wroclaw, a partner city of Hradec Králové, has been nominated as the European Capital of Culture for 2016

Wroclaw 2016 Wroclaw was chosen as the European Capital of Culture for 2016 by a unanimous decision of an international selection panel.  The panel´s decision was based on high appreciation of Wroclaw´s consistent application. It was acknowledged that Wroclaw´s application contained numerous persuasive arguments in favour of Wroclaw´s candidacy, such as the unique way to deal with the complex history of the city, intensity of its cultural life, its revitalization plans, as well as its determination to combat exclusions from the public life. What was also acknowledged as innovative in the application was the city´s program to increase the participation in cultural events as well as to stimulate the artistic creativity of the citizens.

According to Adam Chmielewski, professor and director of the Institute of Culture „Wroclaw 2016“, Wroclaw´s success is an outcome of a teamwork of many people from municipal and cultural institutions, artists, students, associations, non-governmental organizations, trade unions, businesses and countless residents of Wroclaw. Winning the title of the European Capital of Culture for Wroclaw took considerable effort. However, the real work will consist in implementation of the approved cultural projects in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia as well as in Görlitz and Hradec Králové, Wroclaw´s partner cities. It will require diligent planning and careful preparation. The city of Hradec Králové is joining the project through its institutions comprising e. g. Drak Theatre, Museum of Eastern Bohemia, Hradec Králové Cultural and Educational Company and the University of Hradec Králové.

The second 2016 European Capital of Culture will be the Spanish city Donostia-San Sebastian. The selection panel´s decision will be officially announced by the Council of Ministers of European Union in May 2015.

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