Social welfare services in Hradec Králové

The overview of social welfare service in the city is designed for the general public. It facilitates fast orientation in the wide variety of the welfare services, divided into the basic target groups (marked by different colours), and types of social welfare services.
Social welfare institutions provide specialized directed service and treatment for all citizens of Hradec Králové city, with maximum quality and effectiveness. Non-profit organizations, annually supported by the municipality in the form of numerous social service and prevention grants, play a significant role in the field of family care, care of seniors, physically and mentally handicapped people, people in urgent need and ethnic groups.
The following organizations have been integrated into the social welfare service system in the city: Children Physiotherapeutic Short Stay Ward, nursery Orlická kotlina, senior canteen, residential institutions for specific groups of people – specialized homes, ethnic minorities coordinator service, adult custodian and community planning coordinator. Our effort aims at making Hradec Králové a city, that offers a comfortable and happy life for everybody.

Families with young children and youth

The following services aim at the families, children and youth up to 26 years of age. This target group involves the users and providers of services, focusing especially on social prevention, assistance and support in difficult life situations and on leisure time activities.

41 providers operate in the field of family care.

1. Social welfare service type:
  • Consultancy
  • Shelter for families with children
  • Day-care service for families with children
  • Lowtreshold facilities for children and youth
  • Socializing and activity services
  • Hot-line and emergency assistance

    2. Additional services:
  • Specialized schools
  • Health service
  • Relating services


The services intended for the target group of seniors have been offered to the citizens who have reached the retirement age and need the assistance that cannot be provided otherwise than by means of a social welfare service. Activity services are of extreme importance for this group of people.

33 providers operate in this field.

1. Type of social welfare service:
  • Day care
  • Consultancy
  • Specific residential service – specialized homes
  • Retired people homes
  • Personal assistance
  • Day care centres – short stay wards
  • Respite care, temporary stays and other forms of assistance
  • Compensation aid rentals
  • Transport services
  • Voluntary work
  • Hot-line and emergency assistance
  • Senior clubs and leisure time activities

    2. Additional services:
  • Home help agencies
  • Catering services
  • Long-stay hospitals

Physically handicapped people

Physically handicapped people form a significant group of social welfare users who have specific needs. The following services focus on the care, physiotherapy and social integration of people with reduced activity and limited ability of social participation.

1. Types of social welfare service:
  • Consultancy for physically handicapped
  • Personal assistance
  • Early intervention
  • Day-care centres/short stay wards, shelters
  • Temporary and supported employment
  • Hot-line
  • Compensation aid rentals
  • Physiotherapeutic facilities
  • Transport services
  • Specialized treatment institutions

People in difficult life situations and socially maladjusted

The services are intended for the people in unfavourable social situation who live on the fringe of the society. Most frequently, it concerns the homeless and addicted people (alcohol, drugs, gambling). The main aim of the services for this group is to help them in overcoming unfavourable circumstances and to prevent them from social exclusion.

13 providers operate in this field

1. Types of social welfare services:
  • Consultancy
  • Shelters and doss-houses
  • Hot-line and emergency assistance
  • Assistance to drug addicts
  • Social welfare facilities at health-care institutions

Foreigners, national and ethnic groups

The following services are intended for the people who come from socially disadvantaged environment. The services focus on the assistance in living, employment and education, as well as the treatment if such pathological events as truancy, etc. The aim is to increase the client´s ability to participate in the community life and to help them in prevention of social exclusion.

9 providers operate in the above mentioned field.

1 Types of social welfare services:
  • Consultancy
  • Shelters
  • Lowtreshold facilities
  • Hot-line and emergency assistance
  • Field programmes
  • Relating services



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