Come See The Puppets In Hradec Králové

puppetry_perex.jpg [28. June 2017]  Both the small and grown-up audience will be pleased by the Drak Theatre plays and by the Labyrint of Drak Theatre interactive museum of puppets. In the summertime you may visit the Czech Puppetry Tradition interactive tour at the White Tower (July 10th - August 31st 2017) or experience the Story of Puppets thank to an exhibition of photographs of  puppets from the collections of the Drak Theatre and the East-Bohemian museums  in the occasion of writing the Puppetry in Slovakia and Czechia on the UNESCO Representative List (Agust 1st - 30st 2017, Suterén Gallery of the Hradec Králové Info Centre).




Call: +420 495 707 111