Leisure activities

Children’s Playgrounds and Open Sports Fields

Children’s Playgrounds

If you are looking for more possibilities for children to actively spend their free time in the city environment, you should definitely take a look at the well-arranged information of the online catalogue of children’s grounds published by the city of Hradec Králové. In the territory of Hradec Králové there are over 60 variously equipped playgrounds and fields. You will learn what individual facilities have to offer, find out about opening times, you can display them on the map and view some of the photos. The catalogue is regularly updated.

Other information: webkatalog.hradeckralove.org

Do you fancy a game of volleyball, foot-tennis or dodge ball, but are not a fan of organized activity? Then you will appreciate a project of open sports fields of elementary schools. You can use these for various sporting activities, according to time schedules and current vacancies, free of charge.  You can also borrow the necessary sporting equipment, mainly balls, at the actual place.

Detailed information: www.hradeckralove.org/urad/hriste

Flošna Swimming Grounds

Flošna Swimming Grounds

Since 2010 it has been possible to take a dip in the outdoor swimming grounds near the city centre on hot days.  Finally, Hradec Králové can boast an excellent sporting and leisure centre. A fifty metre swimming pool, as well as recreational and children’s pools will satisfy every lover of water games. There are other attractions, such as a Jump slide, two toboggans, wild river simulator and a number of various massaging water jets. When you have had enough sunbathing on the grass you can have a game of beach volleyball. The grounds also contain a building of a wellness studio which is open all-year round. Moreover, the building houses a restaurant with bowling, fitness centre and squash court.

Points of interest: The outdoor swimming grounds were awarded the title 2010 Construction of the Year.

Opening hours and more information: www.koupalisteflosna.cz

Aquacentre – City Bath

Aquacentre – City Bath

Up to this day the building of the City Bath designed by Arch. Oldřich Liska and completed in 1933 is a functional and still-used technical monument in the city. After the 1998 reconstruction the City Bath was converted into an aquapark with a thirty-metre long swimming pool and many various attractions, such as a toboggan, whirlpool, many water jets and an artificial torrent. Furthermore, you can try out the sauna, pool-side bar, solarium or have a massage. However, the artificial waves have remained the biggest crowd puller. The admission fee also covers entry to the fifty-metre swimming pool, which is connected to the aquapark by a corridor.

Points of interest: The artificial wave apparatus was produced by the famous Kolben and Daněk company and installed as early as 1932, which suddenly made the City Bath the most modern facility of its kind inCentral Europe.

Opening hours and more information: http://www.mesto- hradeckralove.cz/products/mestske-lazne-aquapark/

Swimming Pool

The indoor fifty-metre swimming pool with eight lanes is the perfect place for both serious and recreational swimming. In the week it is open from6 a.m. and at the weekend you can watch interesting sporting events there. The grounds also include a children’s pool and a steam cabin.

Opening hours and more information: http://www.mesto-hradeckralove.cz/products/mestske-lazne-aquapark/

Expedition to Tongo Island

Tongo is an excellent entertainment park for the whole family. The hall stretchng over an area of 2,915 m2 contains many and various attractions, which offer enjoyment not only to your children. Each of these attractions represents a different island in the ocean. In one day you and your children can visit coral islands, a volcanic island, meet an octopus and a shark, climb up a cliff, make friends with “Nemo the Fish“ and get involved in a pirate battle.

Points of interest: The youngest children can enjoy themselves using a large play area with slides, climbing frames or in vehicles in which they can drive about throughout the whole park. Older children and adults can put their skills to the test with a climbing wall, huge climb-on volcano, trampolines, canon-ball area, slides and toboggan. There i salso a football pitch – basketball court as well as game tables for billiards, football, hockey and table tennis.

Opening hours and more information: www.tongohradec.cz

Tongo Family Entertainment Park
Kutnohorská 226, Hradec Králové
Nákupní centrum Albert

City Woods

City Woods

The city woods are not only a paradise for hunters, fishermen and mushroom pickers, but also a sought-after leisure-time destination for other visitors. An orientation map of this area can be obtained at the Information Centre and the city website, or even directly at some of the entrances to the woods, which are marked with information boards. The woods offer cycleways of various ratings as well as facilities for in-line skaters, tourists and horse riders. In winter you can look forward to maintained tracks for cross-country skiers. In summer you can enjoy swimming in the Biřička Pond or have a barbecue and siesta at one of the three sheltered fireplaces.

Easiest access: city public transport No. 9 (Lesní hřbitov/Wood Cemetery Stop), possibility of parking; city public transport Nos. 1 and 2 (Nový Hradec Králové Stop), city public transport No. 17 or 11 (Stříbrný rybník/Silver Pond Stop) and obviously anyhow on foot or by bike

Tips for visitors: Trips to see a Gingerbread House or dog sled racing in Běleč nad Orlicí

Other information: www.mestske-lesy.cz

Galactic Trail

Zámeček 456/30
500 08 Hradec Králové
telefon: +420-495 264 087, +420-495 270 959

The Galactic Trail presents the eleven most known celestial bodies in our Galaxy (Milky Way). And in addition one neighbouring galaxy called – the Large Magellanic Cloud. The distance between the individual stops and the sizes of bodies depicted on individual boards correspond to the scale of 1:170 quadrillion. The overall length of the nature trail is 9.5 kilometres. It leads from the observatory to the church in New Hradec Králové, along a road renowned for its panoramic views of the landscape. On the way between Stop Nos. 7 and 9 you can see the city of Hradec Králové and in the distance the battlefield of Chlum, Zvičina, the Krkonoše Mountains with its highest mount Sněžka, the Orlické Mountains with Velká Deštná Peak, the Czech Paradise with Tábor, the Jestřebí Mountains with Žaltman, the Broumov Rocks, Ostaš etc. From the church the trail continues through deep city woods as far as the picturesque village ofBělečko.

Info: A map and list of stops can be found at www.astrohk.cz

Planetary Trail

Zámeček 456/30
500 08 Hradec Králové
telefon: +420-495 264 087, +420-495 270 959

The Planetary trail is a model of our Solar System at the scale of 1 to 1 billion. Both the dimensions (of models of the Sun and planets) and distances between them correspond to this scale. At each stop you can find a model of the body and an information board with basic data and points of interest about the given item. The overall length of the nature trail is 6.5 km. Walking along the trail, you will learn not only about distances, sizes and properties of the Solar System bodies, but at the same time you can discover the picturesque landscape of New Hradec Králové and Zámeček, Roudnička and Kluky. You will follow a tarmac road at first, then a pathway, you will go across a field and through a forest, past the Datlík, Cikán and Biřička ponds, to the terminal station of public transport at New Hradec Králové and optionally as far as the forest cemetery.

Info: A map and list of stops can be found at www.astrohk.cz

Silver Pond

Silver Pond

The recreational and camping grounds are situated in the spectacular landscape of the Nový Hradec woods and the Orlice Nature park. It is a very popular cycling stop-over, but from the centre you can get there by city public transport bus Nos. 17 and 11. The area offers a wide range of activities for either a family holiday or a one day trip. Fishing fans will find excellent conditions here and naturists can head for a nudist beach. Moreover, it is possible to hire a boat or a pedalo, use the beach volleyball court, mini-golf or have a paintball battle. There is also a rope climbing and leisure centre.

Opening hours and other information: www.stribrny-rybnik.cz

Rope-climbing Park and Climbing Walls

Rope-climbing Park and Climbing Walls

You do not need to cut down on your climbing during the holidays. Perhaps you and all of your family can start this leisure activity here.

Since 2008 the outdoor rope climbing centre has been in operation at Silver Pond, offering an enjoyable experience for all age categories. The grounds which are situated on a romantic peninsula include a children’s park, high rope obstacles, centre for team-building and water world.

Other information: www.piranhaagency.cz

On Horseback

You can hardly agree with the Arabic saying “the best view of the world is from the saddle of a horse“, if you have not experienced this ancient type of transport yourselves. Hippo-tourism is a developing natural form of travelling and exploring and you can try it in the Hradecko Region. Several marked riding trails can be found in the city environs and city woods. Information about riding stations and details concerning the trails can be obtained at the Information Centre; ask for the “Through Hradecko on Horseback” leaflet, or visit our website at www.jezdecke-stezky.wbs.cz.

Skating in the Winter and Even Summer

Skating all year round

In winter the whole family can practise their triple Salchows in the grounds of the winter stadium, as early as from October, when it opens its doors to the public.

Winter Stadium - Komenského 1214, 500 03 Hradec Králové, +420 495 513 440, www.zimni-stadion.cz

And when the ice melts, you can head for the 4 km long Hradečnice asphalt path situated in the very centre of the city woods and enjoy peaceful in-line skating. The path is best accessed by car or city public transport No. 9.  Another skating track is the 3 km long Písečnice, which starts in Nový Hradec (city public transport Nos. 1 and 2) and joins Hradečnice at the Two Barriers hunting lodge. Both of the paths offer various degrees of difficulty.

A plan of the city woods can be collected at the Information Centre or found at www.hradeckralove.org/file/294

Bowling - A-Sport

A leisure and bowling centre, where you can find a miniature bowling alley for children, also offers a children’s corner, ricochet, pool and darts.

Other information: www.a-sport.cz


Mrštíkova 1879/42, 500 09 Hradec Králové, Malšovice (Areál u pošty), +420 732 747 653

This game popular with the whole family can be tried out on a sports field of the grounds of the ZŠ Sever School, Lužická 1208, 500 03 Hradec Králové, +420 776 136 494

Other information: www.minigolf.wz.cz

Other tips

Tennis, curling or ricochet? Information about other sporting facilities and sports supported by the city can be found at www.hradeckralove.org/zivot-ve-meste.

DAP Sport, one of the largest climbing walls in the CR – approx.600 m2 of climbing space at various levels, non-smoking restaurant and an outdoor shop.

Brněnská 302 (u OC Futurum), 500 09 Hradec Králové


The FIT4FUN wellness centre is ready also for all categories of climbers and moreover you can exercise in a gym, enjoy a sauna, have a massage - etc.

Eurocentrum, Víta Nejedlého 1063, 500 03 Hradec Králové 3


Travelling on the Orlice

Water-tourist centre - RAMPA sport

Trips on the River Orlice can be taken from various spots and on a variety of vessels – canoes, inflatable boats, rafts or kayaks, nearly all year round. Whether it is just for a few hours or for entire days, you will relish the beauty of theOrliceNaturePark.

Opening hours and rental charges: www.rampasport.cz

Balloon Flights 

First Hradec Balloon Company

Take-off at Hradec Králové Airport

A balloon flight is said to be one of the most memorable experiences in one’s life and in Hradec Králové you can treat yourselves to it. Adventure and romance can be enjoyed during the 60-80 minute flight. Needless to say you will be able to witness the city with a bird's eye view, see the actual inflating of the balloon and undergo an initiation ceremony for first-time balloonists.

Flight schedule and other information: www.balonyhradec.cz



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