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Jirásek’s Garden

Jirásek´s Garden

is referred to as the most beautiful park in the city. Established in 1868 on the triangle-shaped piece of land formed by the Rivers Elbe and Orlice and their confluence, Jirásek’s Garden originally used to be a park for officers. It is located at a charming spot at the confluence of the Rivers Elbe and the Orlice and combines the landscaping of a natural English park with meticulously maintained areas following the French garden model. Originally, it was set up as a park for officers. Visitors can admire here a rosarium and an allegorical statue depicting the confluence of the Elbe and the Orlice by J. Škoda from 1934.  An interesting structure located in the park is the wooden Orthodox Church of St. Nicolas, which was formerly situated in Carpathian Ruthenia and was brought here in the first half of the 20th century.  Moreover, the park contains the remains of the fortification system established during the reign of Emperor Joseph, the so called postern – (2 m high tunnel connecting the central part of the park with the rosarium) and the remainders of armoured casemates. The park is also a seat of the Floral School, which is located in a former restaurant pavilion built according to the design of J. Rejchl in 1933. Near the main entrance stands a monument from 1922 created by B. Lizner, commemorating Jirásek’s novel “Brotherhood”. Younger visitors can enjoy themselves in the children’s playground located here. You can enter Jirásek’s Garden either through the main gate from the Winter Stadium (from Komenského Avenue), or through a little side gate from Sander’s power station.

Žižka’s Garden

Žižka´s Garden

As its name suggests, the dominating feature of this park is the statue of Jan Žižka of Trocnov from 1971. This 3.5 ha large park is situated under the so-called northern terraces directly below the historic centre. It was founded as early as 1905–1906 on the spot of the former military training ground. Another significant element in the park is a circular fountain in the central area. The concept of the park is close to a French garden model and the very carefully maintained flower beds and areas enhance this feature. In its eastern edge stands a bronze statue of an important Hradec Králové official – Jan Ladislav Pospíšil, who, as is commemorated by the sign on the base, “freed the city from the manacles of the ramparts”. The monument was created by Josef Škoda and unveiled in 1933. At this very spot the demolition of the walls of the Emperor Joseph’s fortification system was festively commenced in 1884.

Šimek’s Garden

Šimek´s Garden

With its eighteen hectares of area, it is the largest Hradec Králové park in the city. Designed by J. Gočár in 1925, it is of the English-style concept supplemented with small artificial ponds. Its southern edge is bordered with the remains of ramparts. The park has an interesting history and for example during the depression it was compared to the “Hungry Wall” of Prague because the unemployed used to work here so as to become entitled to financial support. 

During its existence the name of the park has changed several times and at present it is named after Karel Šimek, who was killed near the park 9 days before the end of World War II, when he was sabotaging the telephone lines of the German garrison. Today, the park is a pleasant place for walks and active relaxation.



Rivers are and always have been a source of life; their banks witness activities of all forms of life – including both animals and humans. Let us highlight their importance and visit them as places representing the hustle and bustle of life as well as spots to sit down, relax and rest.

What does Hradec Králové offer on the river banks?
    - Unique paddle steamers – you can touch the water surface from their deck
    - Promenades along the embankment, several times a year these are the venues for a range of interesting events
    - Bridges of various architectural styles from the 19th century up to the present day
    - Accessible sedimentation areas where you can sit down and soak your feet in the river
    - “Hučák” municipal weir with water turbines accessible to the public
    - An exposition of the Museum of Eastern Bohemia in a building on the embankment
    - A ride on a tourist land train along the embankments and romantic places of the city
    - Picturesque Jirásek’s Park on the confluence of the Elbe and Orlice rivers, where you can admire the mighty water streams

Enjoy your free time in Hradec Králové – the city on the confluence, the city on the Elbe and Orlice, the city full of greenery and water. You can try out some of the events of the Calendarium Regina Programme connected with water.

City Woods

City Woods

If you fear the trees, stay out of the woods

Přemyslova 219
50008, Hradec Králové - Nový Hradec Králové
+420 495 272 656

Hradec Králové acquired the woods as a gift from the Holy Roman King Albrecht in 1307. In the course of centuries the town has enlarged its area and now it owns 3,850 ha. The woods of the city of Hradec Králové are places where one can set off for active rest as well as for learning interesting information. The city woods are not only a paradise for hunters, fishermen and mushroom pickers, but also a sought-after leisure-time destination for other visitors. The possibilities of how to spend one’s free time there is endless: walks, cycleways of several levels of difficultly, relaxation on horseback, running trails of various distances, winter routes for cross-country skiers, planetary and galactic trails, swimming, fishing, mushroom picking, sledging, skating on frozen ponds and in-line skating along Hradečnice. The woods of Hradec Králové have 150 km of repaired forest paths, picturesque gamekeeper's lodges, vaulted foot bridges across Stříbrný potok (the Silver Stream), arbours, benches and tables for moments of relaxation. In summer you can enjoy swimming in the Biřička Pond or have a barbecue and siesta at one of the three sheltered fireplaces. An orientation map of this area can be obtained at the Information Centre and the city website, or even directly at some of the entrances to the woods, which are marked with information boards.

  • Easiest access: city public transport No. 9 (Lesní hřbitov/Wood Cemetery Stop), possibility of parking; city public transport Nos. 1 and 2 (Nový Hradec Králové Stop), city public transport No. 17 or 11 (Stříbrný rybník/Silver Pond Stop) and obviously anyhow on foot or by bike
  • Tips for visitors: Trips to see a Gingerbread House or dog sled racing in Běleč nad Orlicí
  • Other information:

Silver Pond

Silver Pond

Silver Pond Auto Camp
Malšova Lhota
500 09 Hradec Králové
+420 495 000 396, +420 777 736 349

The recreational and camping grounds are situated in the spectacular landscape of the Nový Hradec woods and the Orlice Nature park. It is a very popular cycling stop-over, but from the centre you can get there by city public transport bus Nos. 17 and 11. The area offers a wide range of activities for either a family holiday or a one day trip. Fishing fans will find excellent conditions here and naturists can head for a nudist beach. Moreover, it is possible to hire a boat or a pedalo, use the beach volleyball court, mini-golf or have a paintball battle. There is also a rope climbing and leisure centre.

Opening hours and other information:

On Horseback
You can hardly agree with the Arabic saying “the best view of the world is from the saddle of a horse“, if you have not experienced this ancient type of transport yourselves. Hippo-tourism is a developing natural form of travelling and exploring and you can try it in the Hradecko Region. Several marked riding trails can be found in the city environs and city woods. Information about riding stations and details concerning the trails can be obtained at the Information Centre; ask for the “Through Hradecko on Horseback” leaflet, or visit our website at

Travelling on the Orlice

Travelling on the Orlice

Water-tourist centre
RAMPA sport
tř. Karla IV 789
500 02 Hradec Králové
tel: +420 495 217 335

Trips on the River Orlice can be taken from various spots and on a variety of vessels – canoes, inflatable boats, rafts or kayaks, nearly all year round. Whether it is just for a few hours or for entire days, you will relish the beauty of the Orlice Nature Park.

Opening hours and rental charges:

Other green areas

Suk’s Garden

Situated not far from the main railway station this pleasant piece of greenery is landscaped as a small park.

Vítězslav Novák’s Garden

This smaller park area is situated on the bank of the River Orlice near the Širák Open-air Cinema.

Kubišta’s Garden

A pleasant little park demarcated by Pospíšilova Avenue and Hradební and Víta Nejedlého Streets.

Fairy-tale Park

Originally, this was a neglected garden belonging to the building of the Hradec Králové University(Šafaříkova Street) but was redesigned according to the plans of P. Součková and F. Čurda in 2001.

The architects made use of the original mature trees, which they supplemented with park plants creating a not very large (approx. 4,000 m2) green oasis amidst the built up area, which serves as a children’s playground and relaxation area.



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