Walking Routes through the City of Hradec Králové

Sometimes, people call Hradec Králové „the open air architecture textbook “. There are architectural monuments ranging from the gothic to the contemporary times. So as not to lose your way, choose some walking routes taking you round the particular times of the architectural development of the city.  On every route you will find tourist information stands in corresponding colour and the first and the second route have been completed by metal marks on curb-stones. There you will find information on the most interesting sights around you.

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"Historical Town” Walking Route – brown colour

This route through the city will take you past architectural gems dating back to the Gothic era, Baroque as well as Art Nouveau. You will find here 13 information stops near the most significant places of interest. On your way you will see some of the structures from the period when Hradec Králové was being built as the Salon of the Republic. The walk starts at the Large Square near the Information Centre and continues past the Holy Spirit Cathedral and White Tower, leading down the Kozinka stairs to the former brewery. Returning back to the square, you will climb up the Empire Style Bono Publico Staircase and head for the Baroque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, from where you can turn off for the famous Gočár’s Staircase. From the Large Square the route takes you to the Small Square and from there past the remnants of Mýtská Gate and Liska’s Protestant Church into Žižka’s Garden. From there you go up through the city walls into the old town lanes, which will lead you to the City Music Hall with the Chapel of St. John of Nepomuk. The route continues along Zieglerova Street into Svatojánské Square, where your journey through history comes to an end.


“Salon of the Republic” Walking Route – colour silver

The Salon of the Republic is an attribute which the city of Hradec Králové acquired in the first half of the 20th century thanks to its unique architecture and pleasant life style. The sightseeing tour of the architecture of this era starts in front of the Museum of Eastern Bohemia and contains 11 information stops. Crossing Tyrš Bridge you will set off towards the former Novák’s Garages and from there you will go downstream along the Elbe to náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square), and then you will take a pleasant walk through pedestrian zones to the unique Masaryk’s Square. You will continue onto the impressive Ulrich’s Square and then towards the interesting building of the Congregation of the Priest Ambrož. The route leads to Tyl’s Embankment with the renowned Gočár’s Complex of School Buildings. Once you have travelled over the Hučák Weir, past the charming Sander’s Hydroelectric Power Station on the River Elbe, you will come to Jirásek’s Garden, to the confluence of the Rivers Elbe and Orlice. The garden is also home to the unique wooden Orthodox Church of St. Nicolas.  From Jirásek’s Garden you will continue past the newly reconstructed building of the former brewery as far as the building of the Old Adalbertinum, where the walk through the Salon of the Republic reaches its conclusion.


“Stronghold” Walking Route – colour red

The city of Hradec Králové used to be a Baroque stronghold in the period of 1745–1785. At the end of the 19th century the city walls were demolished, but still some of the fortification structures have been preserved. The route starts at the Museum of Eastern Bohemia, which also houses Žaloudek’s model of the city from its stronghold era. The walk contains 11 information stops presenting a total of 20 fortification remnants. From the museum, you will cross Tyrš Bridge and go along Tyl’s Embankment as far as Jirásek’s Garden at the confluence of the rivers (originally a garden for officers). Then you will continue along Komenského Street to the barracks and over the River Orlice to the U Přívozu Embankment. Next you will follow Brněnská Street, which is bordered by several marker posts dating back to the stronghold period, and come to the so-called flošna structures (advance bastions) and then stroll along the Orlice bank as far as Malšovický Bridge. Walking on the Orlické Embankment and along Balbínova Street past the Drak Theatre you will get to Jan Kozina Street, where the reconstructed barracks are located. From there you will aim toward Mýtská Street to the building of the Corps Headquarters and along Žižka’s Garden you will travel as far as Gayer’s Barracks. By walking through them you will get to Šimek’s Garden with rampart ruins, next you will take the route along Šimkova and Divišova Streets to ČSA Avenue, where the walk ends at the former house of staff officers.


“Contemporary Architecture” Walking Route – colour black

Even today architecturally interesting structures are being created in Hradec Králové. The route presenting these sites has a total of 12 stops and begins in the Aldis Zone. Then it heads toward Eliška’s Embankment toward the building of the Philharmonic Orchestra and from there continues along Divišova Street into Žižka’s Garden and after that climbs up the stairs to the building of Klicpera’s Theatre. The walk leads through the streets of the old town towards the Adalbertinum, where a small square with the statue of otter Eliška is situated. From this square you will continue along the Avenue of the Czechoslovak Army to the parterre of the Galex building and then up Mostecká Street, through náměstí Svobody (Freedom Square) to Šafaříkova Street where an interesting park called “Fairy Tale” is located. Next you will return to Tyl’s Embankment where you can admire modern sculptural pieces and then on towards Hučák Bridge. After walking past Jirásek’s Garden you will come to the building of the former brewery (today’s Regional Authority). Then the route leads through Komenského and Ignáta Hermanna Streets to the U Přívozu Embankment, where the new seat of the Study and Research Library is located. From this building you will go back and follow the Orlické Embankment and Hradební Street heading toward Villa Scalia. The route continues along Hradební and Pospíšilova Streets to an extension of the post office and the Na Střezině apartment block, from where it is possible to return to the starting point along Pouchovská and Buzulucká Streets and Šimek’s Garden.


 Tourist Attraction marked in plan:

a) White Tower, b) Museum of Eastern Bohemia, c) Giant Aquarium, d) Elbe Steamers e) Observatory and Planetarium, f) Botanical Garden of Medical Plants, g) Gallery of Modern Art, h) City Spa – Aquacentre, i) Jirásek’s Garden



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